Do any of these apply to you? If YES, keep scrolling! 

  • You are stuck on the dieting roller coaster. You have tried several diets and have never gotten the lasting results that you desire. 
  • You have hopes that your life will be just how you want it to be…when you finally lose the weight. 
  • You make a mistake on your healthy eating, get discouraged, say “screw it!” and go all out the rest of the day eating all the “bad” foods you don’t normally allow yourself. 
  • You turn down social events when you are trying to adhere to a certain diet. 
  • You have a love/hate relationship with food. You love to eat it, but hate how it makes you feel about yourself when you eat too much.
  • You don’t feel fully in control of your ability to stop eating when you are around your favorite foods. 
  • You’ve cleaned out your pantry of your favorite foods so they do not tempt you. 
  • You often weigh yourself and don’t like the number you see. 
  • You compare yourself to other women and to your former slim self, and wonder how you will ever get that perfect body.  
  • You know what you “should" eat but you have a hard time actually implementing it. 


  • You live your life day by day, not worrying about what you are going to eat, allowing time to focus your energy on more fun things in your life, like your relationships, travel, or hobbies. 
  • You go to the coffee shop and indulge in a chocolate croissant and a full fat latte with no guilt or shame. 
  • You go on vacation and enjoy all of the food specific to the area, and come home without feeling the need to jump right back into a diet, because you didn't go overboard and you know how to ease yourself back on track. 
  • You see a claim on a magazine to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, or an offer for a 3-day juice cleanse, and you laugh because you know you never have to put up with that torture again!
  • You attend social events without fretting about what food will be there, and just worry about enjoying time with your company. 
  • You keep ice cream, chips, and chocolate in the house and eat it on the occasions that you want to eat it, not eating it just because it is there. 
  • You rid yourself of the dependence on the scale, knowing that no number will ever define you! 
  • You feel confident in your body and you treat her the way she deserves to be treated on a daily basis. 
  • You move your body how she wants to be moved, not because she has to lose a certain amount of calories. 
  • On the occasion that you do eat more than necessary, you have the tools to move on and get back to normal the next day. 
  • You trust your body and your cravings, and you are able to eat the right foods for you in the right quantities for you. 
  • You have ultimate control around food, not the other way around. 

I want to feel like that! How do I get there?? 



 ...the beginner's course to a new(and more fun!) life without dieting

What's included in the course? 

  • Daily lessons and (small) homework assignments, Monday - Friday for four weeks, starting October 30th.
  • Weekly videos summarizing the week's lesson.
  • One private 30-minute session (anytime during the course or shortly after) with Caitlin, to address your personal struggles you may be dealing with in regards to dieting, body image, self-care, and emotional eating.
  • A private Facebook group just for students of the course.
  • One group coaching session on Facebook Live, answering all your questions you may have.

"Somewhere along the way my relationship with food became strained. I loved and hated food simultaneously. I scrutinized every thing I ate, counted every calorie and tried every possible diet. Caitlin's advice has helped me heal the relationship I had with food. As a health coach, Caitlin carefully listened to my needs and worked together with me to help me formulate and reach my health goals."

- Emilia S. 


Week 1: Let go of restriction

  • Learn about the diet mentality and how letting go of restrictions will help
  • Take pleasure in food and the act of eating, rather than fearing it
  • Let go of guilt and shame around eating and give into cravings

Week 2: Love that beautiful body of yours 

  • Learn how to treat your body with respect
  • Let go of comparison
  • Find out whythe scale is not helping

Week 3: Take time for self-care

  • Learn what self-care is to you
  • Find out how you like to move your body
  • Add in fun instead of restricting food

Week 4: Live Intuitively

  • Practice enjoying your present company
  •  Start acting as if you were already in your dream body
  • Learn how to eat how you want to feel 

"With Caitlin's coaching I have returned to having confidence in myself and in my choices. Food had become a source of guilt, stress and confusion - not knowing what to eat, when or why. I travel frequently for work and leisure and keeping good habits was a challenge. Caitlin showed me that small steps are meaningful, because they are easy to keep and become a habit. I now feel comfortable in my skin and confident in my choices home and away, and not too concerned when I decide to indulge. I know I can always return to my good habits because they are now a way of life for me, and where my motivation lies. "

- Aitana P.


 ...act fast to receive more bang for your buck!  


FREE 30-Minute Self-Care Session + Personalized Daily Practice

Do you feel like you are so good with food until anger/sadness/boredom/loneliness kicks in, then you are reaching for the bag of chips or box of cookies? The answer to your emotion is most likely not food, but it’s hard to know what else to turn to in the moment.  

The answer actually comes in the form of self-care.  

Maybe you’ve heard of “self-care” but are not sure exactly what it means or how to practice it? In this session, you will work together with Caitlin to figure out what your common emotional eating triggers are and how to heal them with self-care practices instead of food. Caitlin will help you find different forms of self-care to practice during any type of emotion, and is personalized to what YOU like to do. You will leave with a customized daily self-care practice that feels good to your personal needs. 

$197 VALUE 


"…I started the program with just one goal on my mind: get off the kilos I gained after having my 2 kids – 15Kg. But I never imagined that this would be the least of my priorities at the end of this program…again thank you for that! 

Your program help me to understand how my body works, how I can be healthy without feeling like an outsider, make the right choices and see food like my ally and not my enemy. It made me realize that to get to where I would like to be, I just needed to do what I would do if I was already there. Your encouragement, tips and councils where always at the right time when needed. I did it by myself, but you were the best support someone can have. 

…but it makes you realize that life is not about how much you weigh, but how happy you are...and this at the end will turn into losing weight without even think about it." 

- Andrea Z.

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 ...your health is an investment, not a expense!  



  • Intuitive Eating 101 Email Course + Weekly Videos ($150 Value) 
  • One private 30-minute coaching call with Caitlin ($150 Value) 
  • Private Facebook group with coaching ($100 value) 
  • Group Coaching Call ($75 Value) 

$475 Value but the cost to you is only…



Do you want to be able to message someone (that understands) as soon as you are about to reach for the box of cookies? Do you want to go deeper into your beliefs around food and figure out how to bust through the bad ones? Do you want weekly check-ins with a trained health coach, who has been through it all before?  

Then you need to go for the prettiest piece of cake in the window.  

Get VIP treatment, which includes the email course listed above, as well as weekly 30-minute private coaching calls with Caitlin (4 instead of 1) ($450 value), a 45-minute wrap-up coaching call at the end of the course ($200 value), and unlimited email support throughout the month ($200 value). 

$1047 Value but the cost to you is only...




Caitlin Ball is a holistic health coach and food blogger at, helping women repair their relationship with food by getting rid of the diet mentality and adding in delicious whole foods and excitement to their life. She can’t imagine life without dark chocolate or red wine, and she doesn’t think anyone should have to! Caitlin spent many years trying all the diets, having poor body image, and having a funky relationship with food. When she finally did the work, similar to what’s in this program, she was able to free herself from diets and she can’t imagine life any other way…which is why she wants to help others do the same!  


Will I lose weight? 

I have to say, this is the first question I asked when I took an intuitive eating course. The answer is that it’s possible, yes. But this is not a quick diet fix and I can’t promise that you will lose weight. I personally lost weight through this process, and have kept it off. But the work I did, and you will do, on body image will make you realize that it has nothing to do with weight, and everything to do with being happy in your own skin. And I can tell you that if you go through the journey as advised, you will be happy in your own skin! 

Why do I need to have a private call with you?

I find that this work, especially when you are first learning it, to be very personal. Many emotions and fears come up during the process. You will probably have questions that you don’t want to ask the whole group, and I want to be able to provide that service for you. I think you will get more out of the course when I’m able to personally help you so this is why I’m offering the two together. 

Do you give refunds?  

If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, I can offer you refund within the first seven days. 

I don’t feel ready to take this yet, will you offer it again? 

Most likely yes, but potentially only as self-study. 

I’m really busy over the next month. How much time will this require? 

There are homework assignments each weekday and they take as little or as much time as you want. The idea is to incorporate this program into your everyday life, so I suggest doing it even if you are traveling or have guests. Life is always going to be busy, which is why there is no time for diets! Intuitive eating is a lifestyle that can be practiced at any time of the day and year. 

Have more questions that I didn’t answer here? I’m available for a quick phone call or email. Just shoot me a message at and let’s chat! 


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