Join Caitlin Ball, Health & Lifestyle Coach for...


Learn how to eat the foods you love, feel confident in your own skin, and take care of your whole self without diets, guilt, shame, body hate, and the constant question, “Should I be eating this?!”


In this challenge, you’ll learn...

  • Why Food Restrictions Never Work and how you can finally end the cycle of restriction followed by overeating (hint: it's not your fault!)
  • What Body Love Really Means and how you can start practicing it in order to gain the confidence you so desire! 
  • The Power of Self-Care and the deceptively simple practice of caring for yourself in tangible, meaningful ways that actually feel good. 
  • What True Nourishment Looks Like and how you can trust your body to eat a variety of foods (think a kale salad AND a gooey chocolate brownie) that are healthy for the mind, body, and soul.  

We will get started on January 12th!

This challenge is done LIVE with a group of AMAZING women that are tired of dieting and want to feel awesome in their body, just like you!


Busy the week of January 12th? No problem! Sign-up and do it on your own time.

Your relationship with food and body are about to change for the better! 

Whether you’re currently on a diet, or you’ve failed at that game so many times you’ve given up on ever being “good enough”… 

Whether you tend to see yourself through a lens of shame and guilt, or you have a hard time even looking at yourself in the mirror… 

You CAN create change in your life! If you want to learn how to become free around food, all while loving yourself exactly the way you are, this challenge is for you! 

Here's how it works:

  • On Sunday, January 12th we will have our kickoff workshop so you learn my 4 simple steps to Intuitive Eating!
  • Monday through Thursday, you will get a daily email with an action item to practice one of the four steps and see how intuitive eating works in your everyday life to bring you food freedom & body confidence.
  • Everyday, we will gather in the Intuitive Foodies Facebook Community to discuss the day's challenge and answer any of your personal questions so you can feel confident you are on the right path. 

A personal invite from Caitlin...

I started counting calories at age 12, because I already thought I needed to “fix” my body. After years of trying fad diets and obsessing over weight loss (and weight gain), I realized that something wasn’t right.  

In fact, all of my efforts at controlling my food intake weren’t “fixing” anything. Instead, I had kick-started an internal battle of guilt, shame, frustration, and anxiety...all because of my relationship with food! 

After 15 years of yo-yo dieting, it was clear that something needed to change. 

At just the right time, I found intuitive eating and my world turned upside down, for the better.  

I could eat bread! And pasta! And ice cream! And still want a salad too!  

I learned that if I let my body be the guide, instead of dieting culture, it would lead me on the right path. 

Intuitive eating is not a diet and it’s not a meal plan. Really, it’s a way of life, a chance to connect with your body, and a practice that enables you to love yourself in a way you didn’t believe possible. As a foodie, an international traveler, a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur - trust me when I tell you that intuitive eating CAN work for you too! 

If food freedom, body confidence, and self-love sound appealing, then this is the challenge for you. I can’t wait to connect, challenge you, and support you in this first step on your food freedom + body confidence journey - so don't wait and join us today!

xo Caitlin